About the Project.

She is Hot is a project of a Blog that tells the stories of women who are helping to tackle Climate Changing effects around the world.

The name is a tease. After all, what it is to be hot? In this project hot means to be in action, to promote changes, to protagonize ideas that help tackling Climate Change effects, among them – look at that! – accelerated global warming!

This blog wants to inspire people through women. Stories for a less hot world in terms of temperature, and hotter in actions that improve people’s lives.

About the author

Evelyn Araripe is Brazilian, journalist, and environmental educator. In 2012, along with Viração Educomunicação NGO, facilitated the participation of young people from 18 countries in the United Nations Conference of Sustainable Development (RIO+20), which served as a gateway for her to develop the same work in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COPs). Since then, Evelyn already travelled to countries like Qatar, Zambia, Colombia, Turkey, Poland, Peru, and France among others, to study and facilitate the participation of the youth in international processes with Climate Change theme. In these wanderings, one of her major discomforts was the lack of women in international climate decision making processes. And this blog was born from this discomfort. Currently, Evelyn lives in Germany as a Fellow of “German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders” program of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This program enabled resources and time for the creation of this blog.

Contact: evelyn.viracao@gmail.com

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