Noëlie Audi-Dor: Citizen of the World


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If you ask Noëlie Audi-Dor where she is from, she will tell you: I don’t know! The 24-year-old young woman is the daughter of a Lebanese mother and French father. Her mother, escaping from the war in Lebanon, went to Switzerland, where Noëlie was born and raised. Her college education was in England. “Switzerland was very calm, I wanted to study in a more diverse place”. And today Noëlie works in Brussels, Belgium. A mixture like this certainly makes her a citizen wherever she wants to be.

“I was raised in Switzerland with my mother, but every year we went to Lebanon to visit the family, and I could spend sometime with people at war”. This scenario was enough for Noëlie to be engaged in causes since she was a teenager. When she was 16-years-old, she took part in a project of United Nations for students, where she helped to raise funds for charity projects.

When she moved to England to study Sustainable Development she had more contact with the climate subject, and already engaged in a cooperative to sell locally produced food at the University. “We were selling the food, but also informing people about the social, nutritional and environmental factors behind them. This experience inspired me and showed me how the impact of my actions can directly reach my community”.

At the end of Noëlie’s degree program she moved to London, where she continued her studies in Environment for Sustainability. The young woman was received by the British capital with a mega campaign on “divestment” – a global movement that presses decision makers and governments to stop investing in fossil fuels and gradually reverse the same amount for renewable energy. Once again Noëlie found herself fully involved with a cause. “With this theme of fossil fuels I realized that, in the end of the day, that’s what really had an impact, and nationwide people didn’t know about it”.

Noelie 5

The passion for the subject led Noëlie to integrate other groups who discussed the matter. Among them UKYCC, a youth coalition of United Kingdom that promotes training for young people in the region to influence international climate negotiations. It was by the UKYCC that Noëlie packed her bags to live six months in France, helping to organize the COY11, global youth conference that preceeded the UN Climate Conference in Paris (COP21). “In Paris we worked 20 hours a day, but the people I met, how much I learned is what matters. The COY Manifesto was handed to the president of France, the president of COP, and the UN envoy for youth affairs, for example”.

All this passion and engaging gave Noëlie an internship at Friends of the Earth Europe, where she works with lobby in the areas of oil and gas. “I see myself lobbying with  much older people, but these spaces are a bubble, I miss the contact with people”. That’s why in September, when her contract comes to an end, Noëlie plans to integrate other movements or to create her own. “I want to be useful in different fronts”, tells Noëlie who can’t say where she is from, and also doesn’t like to separate the world into North and South. “I don’t like how people divide the world, the impacts of climate change will affect everyone. Me, as a young person, will have my world fully impacted according to the decisions that are being taken today, and that goes for all of us”.

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