The Matriarch


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She is the only story that will be published in this blog without an interview. She is my mother, and my main inspiration! (and this post is also a tribute and a surprise to her)

Her name is Cleide Tavares de Oliveira Araripe. She was born in the country of the little town Abatiá, in Paraná. Second daughter of six children, and an endless knowledge searcher.

Since small, she always wanted to go to school – which didn’t make a lot of sense to her parents that didn’t even finish Middle School themselves. She could only go under the condition her older brother also went to accompany her. Dedicated, from student she also became the school lunch cook, and from that point on her destiny could be already written if i wasn’t for an extreme climatic effect! It was the late 70’s and an unusual frost destroyed her entire family coffee plantation in a short period of time. Desperate, the solution was migrating to the greater São Paulo in search of a new life away from the farm, on the factory grounds that, at the time, grew steadily.

In her baggage Cleide carried a recently completed magisterium and the dream of one day returning to set foot in a classroom. However, in search of opportunities in the big city, it was in the companies administrative area she eventually found a place to work and then to support the family she began to build. Once more, in 1992, the climate that affected her two children, made her pack up and leave to Sorocaba, in the country side of São Paulo. In the search for a better quality of life and a cleaner air, Cleide returned to set foot in a shool to work in the Human Resources area this time.

In 2003, I entered the journalism university and she decided to do the same, but for the pedagogy course. More than 20 years separated her from her magisterium, back there in the fields, and now she returned to the place where she had always wanted to be: in the classroom.

I don’t have to say this woman became and excellent teacher. After that, she also made a master’s degree in education and became the most questioning person about the educational system I know. Nowadays Cleide, my mother, is an university professor and eveyday she provokes the students to be active, troubled and passionate for the act of learning and teaching. She shows with love that education starts with the people. And that is how my mother does her part: forming better educators, who will contribute to the formation of better citizens. Those who have inherited many challenges, but that we hope can handle better than us.

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